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Company Description
3D Objects & Data Software,
relying on a highly qualified team composed of skilled technicians and engineers, continuously develops and innovates its methods and processes, to meet the constant evolution of the dental industry challenges and the aspirations of dentists. Every aspect of the management of 3D Objects is oriented to the commitment to maintain the highest quality of products and to offer the best service for the customer, making 3D Objects & Data Software the ideal partner for the dentist. We achieve a quality project, that is a binding goal, with MILDE technology (MillingDentalExcellence), that is 3D Objects & Data Software proprietary.
We create a wide range of customized prosthetic solutions for all indications and clinical needs,
such as screwed or cemented solutions, for single or multiple prostheses, at the abutment or implant level, with excellent levels of passivity. Latest generation milling machines allow us to realize complex structures in PMMA, zirconia, titanium, chromium-cobalt and others, handcrafted with ceramic or composite materials, according to the technical and clinical habits of the customers.
3D Objects & Data Software is also at the forefront of developing solutions
that take advantage of the advent of 3D printing in the dental world. Among others, we carry out rapid prototyping of surgical templates for guided implant placement, orthodontic and gnathological bite splints, as well as our Donatello aligners.
High Quality
Unique Technology
Our team
Paolo Mapelli
Paolo Mapelli
dental technician, responsible
for CAD-CAM workflow
Andrea Mapelli
Andrea Mapelli
biomedical engineer, PhD, responsible
for CAD-3D printing workflow, R&D
3D Objects & Data Software SA
+41 912257158
Via Rained 9, 6807 Taverne