Innovative Dental Solutions
A cutting edge 3D-Printer offering Orthodontists full onsite control over the creation, reproduction and cost of aligners for their patients.
With the use of our technology, workflow and best-in-breed hardware, you will instantly save on huge production costs. You no longer need to pay large amounts of money or wait weeks to receive the aligners. We place you in control. You can produce aligners any time you need and inside the comfort and flexibility of your own clinic. You can now easily re-print aligners which have been lost or damaged.
If you have interest in dental research we provide a financial assistance.
3D Objects & Data Software SA is attending the IDS 2017 trade fair! IDS 2017 3D Objects & Data Software SA We will welcome you at hall 03.1, stand K034.
The main benefits of our technology
Simple Workflow
1. Using any oral dental scanner, create an image of the patient and then simply email the STL file to us
2. We create digital treatment plan and send it to you for your approval
3. We send you the optimized file ready to be printed
4. You produce the aligners using your Donatello printer.
Cutting-Edge Material

To produce aligners we will provide you with biocompatible material (resin) which meets the strongest CE European standards certification. These materials are currently widely being used in Europe, USA and Japan.

Our Technology

This groundbreaking change in the whole process of producing aligners only became available due to our state of the art 3D printer, Donatello, and imbedded Software Solution.
Our Support
Our Swiss company 3D Objects & Data Software SA will be your partner in the whole process. We will help you to install the Donatello and software solution and teach you how to efficiently use them in your clinic. We will help you in every step of the process to ensure you reach maximum efficiency.
Other Applications
With the same Donatello 3D printer you can also print other dental devices like splints, surgical guides, crowns & bridges, stone models with detachable segments, among the others. For each application we will provide you with the fit-for-purpose biocompatible resin.
Guaranteed Precision

You can now print aligners directly, without passing through lengthy intermediate steps, with the precision of 0.05mm
Cost and time efficiency

1. The aligner's MATERIAL cost is less than 0.5€
2. With the optimized printing process you can get 3 aligners per hour
Have interest in dental research and need the financial assistance?

The 3dObjects & Data software seeks to support research in the field of Invisible dental aligners and dento-maxillo-facial modifications. You can see the details in the description of the GRANT
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Phone N +41 912257158