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Donatello Aligners
Using advanced 3D-printing technology, we partner with dental clinics to provide aligners that are highly effective, durable and transparent.
Donatello Aligners
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Our 3D printed aligners are
more robust & transparent
Compared to traditional thermoformed aligners. This is due to proprietary compounded resin and transmittance of light capacity across the material.
Extra soft and relaxed materials make the aligners
very comfortable
This means rounded edges, without any roughness and with perfect retention.
Advanced 3D printing
fits the dental arch
The space between aligners and the teeth is less than 40 micron. This tight fit ensures that all impressed force is directly transmitted to the teeth.
Innovative and consistent
light force
With 3D printed aligners producing up to 20% less force than their traditional counterparts.
Patients can easily remove their aligners
easy to care
Slip the aligners off to brush your teeth or have a meal.
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How it works
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Doctor uses an intra-oral or desktop scanner to create an image of the dental arches and then simply emails us the image file
We create a treatment plan as well as a set of aligners using advanced 3D modeling
Doctor gives the patients their aligners and monitors the treatment
Your Doctor is in control over your
The doctor has full control over the treatment plan and aligner creation process.
Once the initial treatment plan is set and the first set of aligners are dispatched the doctor can order further aligners for subsequent corrections or changes to the treatment plan.
Our specialist orthodontists make a detailed treatment plan as a guide for the dentist to follow. All nuances are described in detail within the treatment plan.
Amazing Results,
digitally available anytime for the patient
The doctor receives 3D visualization of the treatment in his / her personal account. The movement of the teeth occurs in exact accordance with what position is set in the aligner, therefore, the result is understandable in advance.
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